About Us

The three of us — Lydie Hudson, Barbara Johnson, and Melissa Scholz, all of Madison — began meeting shortly after the Women’s March in Washington, DC, in January 2017. We had no agenda except to understand the political landscape. We were bewildered.

We read Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money, specifically the chapter on Wisconsin. We read David Daley’s Rat F**cked, and its chapter on the 2011 gerrymandering of Wisconsin. We also talked to Republican and Democratic friends, lawyers, and heads of nonprofits, who generously met with us to offer their points of view. We didn’t know what to expect, and we learned a lot.

We realized that we share a set of core beliefs. We believe in our democratic system, and believe it is threatened by excessive gerrymandering. We also believe in the goodness and decency of the people of Wisconsin.

Gerrymandering isn’t easy to talk about. That’s why we wanted to create messages to raise awareness about the issue. The good and fair people of Wisconsin deserve a nonpartisan process to create legislative districts.

We hope you’ll watch our videos, learn more about gerrymandering, and take action to help save our democracy.