Play Fair Wisconsin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in March 2018 to educate people on the importance of fair political maps to a healthy democracy and the need for an independent, neutral process for drawing maps in Wisconsin (often called the Iowa Model).

Play Fair Wisconsin grew out of an initiative launched by three friends -- Lydie Hudson, Barbara Johnson, and Melissa Scholz— who came together around a set of shared core beliefs:

We believe in our democratic system, and believe it is threatened by excessive gerrymandering.

We also believe in the goodness and decency of the people of Wisconsin.

Gerrymandering isn’t easy to talk about. That’s why we wanted to create messages to raise awareness about the issue. The good and fair people of Wisconsin deserve a nonpartisan process to create legislative districts.

We hope you’ll watch our videos, learn more about gerrymandering, and take action to help save our democracy.

We appreciate the generous support of many donors who have made this possible. Thank you.