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Wisconsin Voters Know What’s Fair – and What’s Not

Extreme gerrymandering hurts all of us.

Maps drawn for the benefit of one party undermine democracy. Unfair maps mean that some voters’ votes don’t count. They mean that the most extreme candidates in both parties get elected in primaries. They mean that legislators in “safe” districts don’t have to compromise to make progress on our most pressing problems.

Both parties rig maps. In some states, such as Maryland, Democrats rigged the maps in their favor. In Wisconsin, Republicans did.

What Gerrymandering Is

Much has been published and aired recently about gerrymandering because the problem is so much worse. This is because software and data used to draw maps have become very sophisticated.

Every 10 years, the federal government conducts a census of the U.S. population. The census shows which states and areas within states have gained or lost population. States are then required to redraw their congressional and state legislative maps to be sure the population is evenly distributed among districts. Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing maps so that district boundaries favor the party in power. Maps drawn in 2011, after the 2010 census, were gerrymandered in several states to an extreme not seen before. This is because software and data used to draw maps have become very sophisticated, enabling map drawers to include or exclude even single households.

Here are a few of our favorite explanations:


Watch Play Fair Wisconsin’s videos about rigged maps.

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Play Fair, Wisconsin

Make Sure Your Vote Counts


How to Fix Gerrymandering

We believe Wisconsin should adopt a nonpartisan process for drawing legislative maps. Iowa has had such a process since 1980. California and Arizona have also adopted nonpartisan redistricting. 

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 44 and Senate Bill 13 propose creating a nonpartisan process for redistricting, but the state’s legislative leaders have not yet permitted hearings on the bills. Click here to take action to support this legislation.

Learn more about on how states draw their legislative districts.

Who is Trying to Fix Gerrymandering

Several Wisconsin organizations have formed The Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition and are working together towards redistricting reform. Check these websites for upcoming events, petitions, and more information:

Why We Can’t Rely on the Courts to Solve the Problem

When it rules on Gill v. Whitford, the US Supreme Court may create a standard that limits the creation of districts that are extremely unbalanced. However, the ultimate responsibility for drawing the maps will still be subject to partisan politics if left to the legislature. We need the Wisconsin legislature to delegate its authority to a nonpartisan process that is open and transparent, as other state legislatures have done.



Wisconsin Voters Know What’s Fair – and What’s Not


This fall, ask candidates where they stand on redistricting reform.

Ask them to support a nonpartisan process.

  • Email or write candidates and meet with them or their staff to encourage them to speak publicly in favor of fair redistricting
  • Show up at debates and forums and ask questions of the candidates
  • Write letters to the newspaper or post on social media

Share the PlayFair videos with your personal networks and talk about the issue.

  • Watch the videos here and share that page.
  • Host a party to show the videos and discuss the issue with friends and family. Email for help in planning a house party.
  • Schedule a speaker at a community event. Contact to get a list of available speakers and help planning an event.

Contact your state legislators.

We are calling for a public hearing, and subsequent approval of legislation, to create a nonpartisan process for drawing legislative maps. The legislation that would make the process much more fair is Wisconsin Assembly Bill 44 and Senate Bill 13.

  • You can send a letter online here.
  • If you want to send a letter via mail, go to and type your address into the search bar and click “find your legislator.” Your Senator and Assemblyperson will pop up. Click here to download a sample letter in Microsoft Word.

Join our fight for fair maps.

  • Click here to sign up to stay in touch with Play Fair Wisconsin.
  • Click here to see more member groups of the WI Fair Maps Coalition

Support the Fair Maps Education Fund to increase awareness of the issue and engagement.





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